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SiMi Clock Pro (Donate)


If you appreciate the work I have put into SiMi Clock and would like to support further development, you can now buy SiMi Clock Pro (Donate).

If you want to change to the Donate Version all you have to do is this :
- Export your SiMi Clock Settings. (Menu -> Export Settings)
- Remove free SiMi Clock (gTabSiMiClock)
- Download SiMi Clock Pro (Donate)
- Import your SiMi Clock Settings (Menu –> Import Settings)

Thank you in advance!

New Versions ?



Just a quick post to inform everyone about the next versions of SiMi Clock and SiMi Folder.

The next version of SiMi folder will be available on Monday and the next version of SiMi Clock on Tuesday.

Thanks for all the comments and ideas. I have them all on my Todolist.

SiMi Clock Version 2.1 – Oh no, more Settings


Version 2.1 of SiMi Clock is now available in the market.

So What is new in 2.1

  • Bugfix: Freezing with Location aware Weather should be fixed.
  • Bugfix: Camera/Camcorder/gTalk … can now be startet with the Tap Launcher
  • New: User defined Date Format
  • New: User defined Time Format ( Hint: you can now display the Date where the Time has been )
  • New: Weather: You can change the color of the Symbols
  • New: Weather: You can change the color ot the Text
  • Export Settings to External Storage (sdCard)
  • Import Settings from External Storage (sdCard)

What is NOT in this Version

  • Display of the Current Location
  • Display Battery

And why is it not in the Version ?

Because I do not kno where to put this informations. Everything I tried looked awfull : Р( So I need your help. Where would you display  these Informations ?

Have Fun

SiMi Clock – What’s next


Currently i am working on the new Version with a lot of new features and redesigned functions.

So what will be in the next version:

  • New weather provider : Yahoo ( No cost, uses data from )
  • Redesigned Tap to Launch.
  • 3 Tap to Launch zones: left side, right side and weather icon
  • you can choose between directly launch app on tap or show menu for each part individual
  • Color settings for Time and Date will be possible
  • ….

I hope to have the new version ready for release on Saturday.

If you have something you would like to see in SiMi Clock, just write a coment and I will try to make you happy.

Back to work…