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SiMi Clock – Version 1.6


Version 1.6 of SiMi Clock is now available in the Market.

New in this version

  • 2×1 size
  • Customizable dateformat

Next steps

  • 2×1 size
  • 3×1 size
  • 2.1 Sdk Version
  • Hide weak of the year
  • Customize date format
  • Start alarm app on tap

Puh! Time again for SiMi Bat and SiMi Cal …..

Oh and don’t forget point 4 of my first blog post.

SiMi Clock 2.2 – 0.1 = SiMi Clock 2.1


Done !

SiMi Clock is now available in the Market for Android 2.1 and 2.2. The Settings differ from the 2.2 version because in 2.1 some Api Functions are missing. You can select from 12 different background colors ( including transparent ) and 11 text colors.

Next steps :

  • 3×1 size
  • 2.1 Sdk Version
  • Hide weak of the year
  • Customize date format
  • Start application on tap

So and now off to bed with me … Gotta get some sleep

SiMi Clock Android 2.1 – not yet but soon

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Yes there will be a 2.1 Version, but it will take some time.

With the 2.1 Sdk it is not possible to change the Backgroundcolor of a AppWidget with an Api call. I have to define a layout for a subset of  color’s.

I hope to have the version online tomorrow.

SiMi Clock – or the clock widget the world was waiting for…


First i would like to thank my family for the support they gave me, and my parent for ……..

Congratulations! Your Android app ‘SiMi Clock Widget’ is now one of the top 10 hottest apps on AppBrain (, the website where people find, install and share Android apps.

I never ever thougth that so many people would like this small Clock widget.

Thanks to all the people out there who downloaded the app, wrote nice comments and email’s.

I got many request and I will try to make everyone happy.


  • 3×1 size
  • Customize date format
  • Hide weak of the year
  • Start application on tap
  • 2.1 Sdk Version

Version 1.2 is now online.


Oh no, not another Clock Widget – SiMi Clock


I am proud to bring the world a new Clock Widget. Yes it is a clock as a Widget !

Lame is’nt it ? But it is my first published Android App and it was or maybe still is the first 5×1 Clock Widget for the Galaxy Tab. (Have I told you already that I love this gadget? Well now you know it.) The best is that you can customize it the way you want it. The Backgound Color and the Text Color can be changed. What do you want more from a Clock Widget ?!? Oh, sorry I forgot,  yes it also shows the Time and Date.

And the best of all : ( this is especially for Oliver ! ) No thException!

Oh and don’t forget point 4 of my first blog post.

Let there be code …


Wow! My first blog post! Ok what now … This has to be perfect… Ok I will ask Google what to do. THANK you Google, the 4 magic key elements for the first blog post!

1) Introduce Yourself

Ok thats easy. My Name ist Timo Hassmann  ( or hateman ) and I live in the north of Germany I am married and have 3 children and I’m 38 years old.

2) What is Your Reason for Blogging

Hmm. Why not !? Ok ok I need a reason …… Ah I’m a Software Developer so I will write about code. This is perfect ! I will write about the exceptions I code and “drumroll” I will write them in Java for the Android platform.

3) What you Will be Blogging About

Shit, I told everything in 2). Ok Again.. I will blog about the programs I write, about the bugs I have produced and about flowers. No that was a joke…

4) Encourage Comments

Encourage Comments? Ok if you leave this page without writing a comment I will be, let me think …., disappointed, annoyed and pissed off. Is this encouraging enough?

define FirstPost = done