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SiMi Folder Version 1.0 – A new Widget and a new Year


SiMi Folder is a customizable Folder Widget with a horizontal scrollable Launcher.
(based on the Launcher from SiMi Clock)


* Size 1×1, 1×2, 1×3, 2×1, 2×2 and 3×1
* 9 different Widget Layouts
* User defined Folder Icons
* User defined Text Color and Size
* Unlimited number of Apps can be linked to a Folder
* User defined Background color.

How to

Step 1: Add a new Folder
Step 2: Select the new Folder
Step 3: Link Apps to the Folder ( Button Applications )
Step 4: Add a SiMi Folder Widget to your Homescreen
Step 5: Select the Folder you want to use.
-> Done

Whats next

Next Version will include:
* Contact and Bookmark Folders
* Special Folders (e.g. Starred Contacts, Apps )

If wish you all a happy and successful new year : – )



Today I just want to say thanks for the support and the ideas you gave me.

SiMi Clock would still be only a small Clock widget without you.

Thanks to

Robert McLamb

Frank Ritter

Benjamin Steinert

Uwe Karge

Anno Siep

Dawayn Babb

for the Beer : – )

I wish you all Happy Holidays and Merry Xmas.


SiMi Clock Version 2.2 – Battery is here to stay


Whipping up a fury
Dominating flurry
We create the battery

If you know this song I will tell you what is new in SiMi Clock ; – )

So back to normal. What is new in SiMi Clock

  • Battery display
  • Possibility to disable Tap
  • Display of current Location
  • Color for Am/Pm
  • Weather Display for 3×1
  • Small Bugfix for Location aware Weather
  • Small Bugfix for Taplauncher

Small Description of Battery Display.

The Circle you see arround the Battery Level will fade based on the Battery level.

And remember: If you like my work … I like Beer (hint) ; – )

Have Fun

SiMi Clock Version 2.1.1 – bloody date *#§$&%&§$%-%&


AND a new Version is in the market ……

There is a problem with some Formatsettings on some Device with some Roms. I HATE THIS !

For example if you have the Stock Rom 2.10.405.2 running on your HTC Desire then

SimpleDateFormat formatter = new SimpleDateFormat(“EEEE dd MMMM”);
Date currentDate = new Date();
dateString = formatter.format(currentDate);

will result in “1 12 12″.

If you run the same on an HTC Desire with Stock Rom 2.29.405.2 everything is working. The Result is : “Sunday 12 December” .

If you have a rom with the same problem, you have to use a predefined Date Format. I have no possibility to change this. Sorry : – (

Predefined Dateformat use

dateString = (String) android.text.format.DateFormat.format(format, new java.util.Date());

This is working correct. BUT you cannot use e.g. “D for Days of the year” with this methode.

Sorry and Have Fun


SiMi Clock Version 2.1 – Oh no, more Settings


Version 2.1 of SiMi Clock is now available in the market.

So What is new in 2.1

  • Bugfix: Freezing with Location aware Weather should be fixed.
  • Bugfix: Camera/Camcorder/gTalk … can now be startet with the Tap Launcher
  • New: User defined Date Format
  • New: User defined Time Format ( Hint: you can now display the Date where the Time has been )
  • New: Weather: You can change the color of the Symbols
  • New: Weather: You can change the color ot the Text
  • Export Settings to External Storage (sdCard)
  • Import Settings from External Storage (sdCard)

What is NOT in this Version

  • Display of the Current Location
  • Display Battery

And why is it not in the Version ?

Because I do not kno where to put this informations. Everything I tried looked awfull : – ( So I need your help. Where would you display  these Informations ?

Have Fun

SiMi Clock Version 2.0.1


Version 2.0.1 of SiMi Clock is now available in the Market.

Whats new :

  • new Tap to launch Options
  • Quickmenu and Single for Left Side
  • Quickmenu and Single for Right Side
  • Quickmenu,Single and Refresh for Weather Icon
  • 5 apps for Quickmenu
  • New Weather provider: Yahoo
  • More Weather Icons
  • Weather fixed Location
  • Weather Location aware
  • Different Color for Time and Date

So what will be in the next version:

  • Extended Date and Time Settings. Define your own format : – )
  • Battery display
  • Setting to enable display of current location
  • Textsize for Time Display
  • Sexy Style for Quickmenu : – )

Thanks for alle the possitiv comments you gave SiMi Clock!

Have Fun

SiMi Clock – Where am I and why is it snowing?


Good news : Next version will include location based weather : – )

Bad news: Version will not be finished until Sunday or Monday : – (

Have fun

SiMi Clock – What’s next


Currently i am working on the new Version with a lot of new features and redesigned functions.

So what will be in the next version:

  • New weather provider : Yahoo ( No cost, uses data from )
  • Redesigned Tap to Launch.
  • 3 Tap to Launch zones: left side, right side and weather icon
  • you can choose between directly launch app on tap or show menu for each part individual
  • Color settings for Time and Date will be possible
  • ….

I hope to have the new version ready for release on Saturday.

If you have something you would like to see in SiMi Clock, just write a coment and I will try to make you happy.

Back to work…