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SiMi Clock Pro (Donate)


If you appreciate the work I have put into SiMi Clock and would like to support further development, you can now buy SiMi Clock Pro (Donate).

If you want to change to the Donate Version all you have to do is this :
- Export your SiMi Clock Settings. (Menu -> Export Settings)
- Remove free SiMi Clock (gTabSiMiClock)
- Download SiMi Clock Pro (Donate)
- Import your SiMi Clock Settings (Menu –> Import Settings)

Thank you in advance!

SiMi Clock 2.4



There is a new version of SiMi Clock available : – )

Whats new / fixed :

  • New: Changed name from gTab simi Clock to SiMi Clock
  • New: SiMi Clock Battery Widget 1×1
  • New: SiMi Clock Weather Widget 1×1
  • New: Use SiMi Folder as Launcher
  • New: Customizable divider color
  • New: Tap launcher for Battery
  • New: Battery Info
  • New: Redesign of Ui
  • New: Compatible with Android 2.3 (tested with emulator)
  • Bugfix: Tap/Redraw in launcher fixed

Hope you like it ; – )