Oh no, not another Clock Widget – SiMi Clock

I am proud to bring the world a new Clock Widget. Yes it is a clock as a Widget !

Lame is’nt it ? But it is my first published Android App and it was or maybe still is the first 5×1 Clock Widget for the Galaxy Tab. (Have I told you already that I love this gadget? Well now you know it.) The best is that you can customize it the way you want it. The Backgound Color and the Text Color can be changed. What do you want more from a Clock Widget ?!? Oh, sorry I forgot,  yes it also shows the Time and Date.

And the best of all : ( this is especially for Oliver ! ) No thException!

Oh and don’t forget point 4 of my first blog post.

  1. Tsjoklat says:

    Love it, can’t use it right now (stuck on 1.5), but as soon as I can I will!

  2. Surfgeek says:

    This looks great, please can you make it for 2.1 ?

  3. Derezzed says:

    Why can’t you make a 2.1 and higher version? ): This sucks. I want that widget.

  4. KrapeZuZate says:

    Looks very similar to the clock found on Acer’s Liquid Froyo ROM. If you add a simple display of the current weather to the right side, you’ll surely have a winner. Otherwise, it’s definitely a stylish looking widget. :) Weather is a must have though. Right now, I have a 2×1 clock widget side by side with a 2×1 weather widget. If you can manage an optional weather option, I’m all in.

    Check out what the Acer Liquid Froyo ROM’s clock/date and weather widgets looks like at the link below. Hope you can incorporate it.


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