SiMi Clock Version 1.9.5 – Let it rain…

Weather, weather, weather …

SiMi Clock has gone a step further. Since Version 1.9.5 it is possible to display a small weather symbol on the right side.  At the moment you have to define a location. In the near future you will have the option to display the weather based on your current location.

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  1. Stephan says:

    Nice weather! Would it be possible to add like 3 rows below and display upcoming events?

    • th says:

      I would be possible, but I think it is too much for SiMi Clock. When SiMi Cal is finished I will make a SiMi Weather Widget.

  2. john p says:

    There are three temperatures, I guess the big number is the current temperature. What are the other two? Next two days? Previous day and next day? Next two 6h periods? Also, which weather data provider are you using? Thanks for a really great looking widget!

    • th says:

      the big number is the current temperature, the small left the low temperature for this day and the right one the high temperature for this day.

      • john p says:

        Thanks for your reply. I think the temperature display must be buggy, it’s been showing 2 degrees Celsius for a couple of days now, today it says 2 degrees as current, with low being -11 and high being -2. I would’ve thought high temp should’ve been at least 2 degrees in this case.

        • th says:

          I have the same problem. The google weather api is a litte bit buggy I think. I only show the values I get from google. Maybe I will change the weather provider.

  3. relaxxx says:

    great work :) would be nice to change the weather provider. the recent provider cannot push weather icon for my town

  4. Stephan says:

    One thing you could add (I’m not sure if its already doing it but I don’t think so): update wheater is set to 3 hours and I switched off internet for 4 hours. It would be nice if it will update the weather after 4 hours when I turn internet on again and not wait another 2 hours.
    I think you are right, simi cal as a standalone program would be better! Looking forward to it!

    • th says:

      If the update weather is set to 2 hours, internet off for 4 hours, the update will happen max. 10 minutes after the internet is turned on again.

  5. Tay says:

    Is it possible for simi clock to displayed verticaly on either the left/right of screen ?

  6. Ciellus says:

    first of all great app, congratulation, well done.
    The question: how to change configuration of the widget without removing it from the screen and repositioning a new one?

  7. Ciellus says:

    ops, I’ll find it

  8. Oliver says:

    Love this date/time/weather widget :)

    Would it be possible to display a 3-day forecast by clicking on the weather icon ?
    Maybe some kind of overlay window that can be closed to return back to homescreen (so no need to use more space than the original 1×4 / 1×5 widget size).

    Otherwise a link to a forecast website regarding choosen location would be OK, too (if the mentioned above suggestion isn’t possible to add/program).

    • th says:

      My plan is to make a new Widget SiMi Style for weather and leave SiMi Clock weather the way it is. What will be in the next version are multiple Tap to launch possibilities, so it will be possible to have an “link” to a different weather app.
      The real problem with weather is to find a provider for the weather data. I don’t want to pay for the data because SiMi Clock is a free widget :-( Google weather is free to use but not as accurate as for example AccuWeather.


  9. Christian says:

    Yes, a switch to would be great. The widget looks very nice, but weather is wrong, unfortunately. The high/low is about right, but current is completely wrong.

    Otherwise a really beautiful widget, thank you. Any chance of configurable font, or do you want to keep it as simplistic as it is currently?

  10. Matthew says:

    The new updates are fantastic! Thanks so much! I can’t wait for current location. Also, it would be nice to be able to have an option to turn off the animation for the dropdown launch menu. When using all four app launch options, the dropdown menu bounces back and forth for a second after dropping down, which can be kind of annoying when trying to launch an app quickly, and it seems the option to have a straight, no animation dropdown would fit the simple sleek look of the clock well. Regardless though, I love the new update! Thanks!

    • th says:

      I thought the animation would make it a litte fancy :-) But your are absolutely right, this will be a setting in the near future.
      My plan is to have location based weather and some other little features in the new version which should be available next Wednesday.

  11. Scott says:

    I really like the widget, & now that you’ve added weather, I’ve dropped the “Beautiful Widgets” weather widget. One request though. I like that you can have or not have a background, but do you think it would be possible to add a drop shadow option. I have a minimilistic set-up on my main screen (the other screens are an abominible clutter of widgits), but sometimes I have a light background and a drop shadow, or an outline option would suit me.

    Thanks for your fantastic work! :-)

  12. Franklioni says:

    Hi, loving the app so far but I just cannot figure out how to get it in 24 hour format as per the pic. Is this feature currently enabled or am I going mad?

  13. milkykung says:

    Thank you for your great effort on developing such a nice and unique clock. I have been using your clock for 2 weeks now and boy, I love its uniqueness and usability.

    I particularly love the update on the 4-app tab feature. It is extremely useful :) What a nice comeback ^^

    I quite like the weather icon too. They look really nice on my homescreen.

    Please keep up your good work mate :D


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