SiMi Clock – What’s next

Currently i am working on the new Version with a lot of new features and redesigned functions.

So what will be in the next version:

  • New weather provider : Yahoo ( No cost, uses data from )
  • Redesigned Tap to Launch.
  • 3 Tap to Launch zones: left side, right side and weather icon
  • you can choose between directly launch app on tap or show menu for each part individual
  • Color settings for Time and Date will be possible
  • ….

I hope to have the new version ready for release on Saturday.

If you have something you would like to see in SiMi Clock, just write a coment and I will try to make you happy.

Back to work…

  1. João Almeida says:

    Although my locations is recognized and the temperature is correct, the weather symbol wont get properly updated (always displaying a question mark). Any idea why? (this will eventually be sorted out with the new weather provider I guess)

  2. milkykung says:

    THank you for the update mate :D You are really working on your update regularly and I’m truly impressed.

    I have one feature request. Please could you include settings on font sizes/typefaces of the clock too in addition to your date settings. A bit of line pattern settings in terms of length/thickness/color would be awesome too.

    That’s what I can think of now :D Thank you very much for your great work ^^


  3. iron2000 says:

    Is there any documentation showing what each weather symbol refers to? Can there be some FAQ or readme on the site?

    Looking at one with the sun and some horizontal lines covering the lower half if the sun.

  4. Tsjoklat says:

    Love the widget. Battery addition and I am set :-)

  5. Alec says:

    Hi, great widget :) One small problem (HTC Desire 2.2) with 2×1 option – the time fonts seems to be too large to fit the size, so the minutes number is shown in column. The last minutes digit is cut by half and the date can not be shown.

    Would be great if you could add an option to change time digits font size.

    Besides that….best clock widget i saw :)

    Great work

  6. Nathan says:

    Hello, love your widgets, but all of a sudden my weather widget just shows a question mark instead of the weather, also the temp and location are fine. How can I get around this please?

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