SiMi Clock Version 2.0.1

Version 2.0.1 of SiMi Clock is now available in the Market.

Whats new :

  • new Tap to launch Options
  • Quickmenu and Single for Left Side
  • Quickmenu and Single for Right Side
  • Quickmenu,Single and Refresh for Weather Icon
  • 5 apps for Quickmenu
  • New Weather provider: Yahoo
  • More Weather Icons
  • Weather fixed Location
  • Weather Location aware
  • Different Color for Time and Date

So what will be in the next version:

  • Extended Date and Time Settings. Define your own format : – )
  • Battery display
  • Setting to enable display of current location
  • Textsize for Time Display
  • Sexy Style for Quickmenu : – )

Thanks for alle the possitiv comments you gave SiMi Clock!

Have Fun

  1. Girish says:

    Before the update the app was smooth with weather but not now it keeps showing the maximum temp. All the time .

    • th says:

      Hi What do you mean with maximum temp ? Is it always the same ? Do you use Location aware weather?
      Can you please tell me the city you live in so I can test?


  2. Benjamin says:

    The 2.01 update of SiMi Clock is awesome with 15 shortcuts in 1 home screen. Imagine, if we set 3 or 5 or 7 screens. It’s a perfect match for Launcher Pro.

    I love it very much.

    But, the recent update has freezed the Weather. It doesn’t get refreshed. And when refresed too, the icon is wrong. For a sunny day, it shows Moon and Cloud :( , and weather udpate doesn’t happen.

    I do not see this widget in background running too, so that I can ensure it is not included in the automatic task killer.

    Could you please fix this to get 7 star credit.

    Thank you.

    • th says:

      Are you using Location aware weather ? Would it be possible that you tell me the city you live in so I can test it with your settings?
      For 7 stars I will do everything ;-)

  3. Benjamin says:

    It works sometime and sometime just doesn’t change. Just remains stangnent, in spite of refreshing it manually.

  4. Benjamin says:

    I do not see this widget in my task killer list too.
    Moreover, could you please add #days as an option to opt for besides the #week, that is provided now.

    Fancy Widget has Battery level, Week, Days.

    I personally prefer Days. :)

    Could you please add Days in the next update.

  5. Benjamin says:

    Why the weather is not updating and icon not changing per time?

  6. Benjamin says:

    Hi, please ensure, when you send out update, let it not remove all our shortcuts that we have assigned. I have assigned 30 shortcuts in 3 screens.

    The 2.01 update removed my 5 shortcuts that I set in the previous version.

    Please ensure this update does not remove our settings :)

  7. marco says:

    hi, thx for this wonderful clock!
    may i file a bug? :D i entered “0 hours” for weather update rate, thought then it will update only manually, but after adding the widget, phone wasn’t responsible anymore. tried to kill the widget and then it worked after entering hours >0.

  8. Hannomag says:

    Erstmal meinen Glückwunsch für die Uhr! Top Design und Funktionalität. Jetzt noch ein settings-widget und ein Nachrichten bzw. Email widget und ich kaufe dir eine Kiste Bier! Weiter so und danke für das bisher Geleistete.

  9. Chuck says:

    Nice widget. With the latest update you get a separate color for the date. However the AM/PM is the same color as the date. AM/PM should be the same color as the time since it is a function of time and not date.


  10. Christopher says:

    dein Widget gefällt mir echt super! Bisher war ich begeisterter Fancy-Widget-Anhänger aber leider gibt es das nur in der 4×2 Version, die mir zu viel Platz klaut.
    Deine App hat das Fancy-Widget also vom Homescreen vertrieben. Haste dir ne Donation mit verdient ;)

    Eine kleine Frage noch: Planst du evt auch die Möglichkeit zu implementieren, dass man eigene Skins für Uhr und Wetter-Icons nutzen kann, so wie es auch beim Fancy-Widget zuletzt möglich war?

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