SiMi Clock Version 2.1 – Oh no, more Settings

Version 2.1 of SiMi Clock is now available in the market.

So What is new in 2.1

  • Bugfix: Freezing with Location aware Weather should be fixed.
  • Bugfix: Camera/Camcorder/gTalk … can now be startet with the Tap Launcher
  • New: User defined Date Format
  • New: User defined Time Format ( Hint: you can now display the Date where the Time has been )
  • New: Weather: You can change the color of the Symbols
  • New: Weather: You can change the color ot the Text
  • Export Settings to External Storage (sdCard)
  • Import Settings from External Storage (sdCard)

What is NOT in this Version

  • Display of the Current Location
  • Display Battery

And why is it not in the Version ?

Because I do not kno where to put this informations. Everything I tried looked awfull : – ( So I need your help. Where would you display  these Informations ?

Have Fun

  1. Philippe says:

    I just installed the 2.1 version… but I have an issue with the date formats. I specified “EEEE dd MMMM” as format to display (in french) “dimanche 12 décembre” but “1 12 12″ is displayed.

    I have the same issue with the predefined date formats.

    It’s maybe due to the language? FYI, the 2.0.1 was working correctly.



  2. Tsjoklat says:

    Battery between time and weather, location underneath the weather.

  3. mirco says:

    same problem here folks. rooted desire on leedroid 2.2f

    does somebody know how to get it back working??? ’cause i love this clock…

  4. Christopher says:

    Wenn du die Temperaturangaben von unten rechts wegnimmst, das Wetter-Symbol leicht nach unten schiebst und genau links daneben die Temperaturangaben legst, dann hättest du doch oben und unten genug Platz für die Ortsangabe und den Akku.

    Obwohl man die Akkuangabe auch links von dem Trennstrich zwischen h|min egen könnte auf Höhe des Datums. Sonst knubbelt es sich da so ^^

  5. Glowion says:

    Love the SiMi Clock widget! It has all the features that I need in a clock widget: the time, day, date, and weather.

    Keep up the excellent work!

    Question: Is there way to have weather NOT update automatically? As of today, I just have it update every 12 hours. What’s the highest number that I can place in that field? Thanks!

  6. Maka says:

    I’d put battery as a vertical thin line (like separator between hour and minutes) between time and weather, it could increase/decrease to show grafically the percentage. You could show percentage in the bottom left side of the line too.

    Location, like it’s said above, should be under the weather.

  7. sniper says:

    Please on more setting: font changing

    I like the clocktopia font for the clock, but as far as i know, it only includes numbers, no letter. so seperate changing the font of all widget parts would be fine.

    Thanks :-)

  8. db says:

    Thanks so much for your hard work on this widget. It’s fantastic. One issue I’ve noticed about the weather location: The name of my city is two words and is somewhat long. Because of this, the name is cut off and only a portion of the name is displayed. Can an option be added to increase or decrease the font size of the weather location or increase the width of the weather area?


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