SiMi Clock Version 2.1.1 – bloody date *#§$&%&§$%-%&

AND a new Version is in the market ……

There is a problem with some Formatsettings on some Device with some Roms. I HATE THIS !

For example if you have the Stock Rom 2.10.405.2 running on your HTC Desire then

SimpleDateFormat formatter = new SimpleDateFormat(“EEEE dd MMMM”);
Date currentDate = new Date();
dateString = formatter.format(currentDate);

will result in “1 12 12″.

If you run the same on an HTC Desire with Stock Rom 2.29.405.2 everything is working. The Result is : “Sunday 12 December” .

If you have a rom with the same problem, you have to use a predefined Date Format. I have no possibility to change this. Sorry : – (

Predefined Dateformat use

dateString = (String) android.text.format.DateFormat.format(format, new java.util.Date());

This is working correct. BUT you cannot use e.g. “D for Days of the year” with this methode.

Sorry and Have Fun


  1. thegrau says:

    I love this widget ! Amazing work you’re giving us there, thanks.

    I do have a small problem, though. Weather part do indeed indicate the correct temperature , but the icon remain unknown (displayed as “?”). I live in Switzerland (no idea if this information can help) and use a Galaxy Tab. Too bad, it’s the only detail that bugs me about your app.

    • th says:

      Could you please send me the city you live in? I would like to test with your settings. SiMi Clock shows the symbol based on the informations from yahoo.


  2. relaxxx says:

    hi, i found if i set location aware weather. it works only with gps, but the temerature data false (different than the location’s what i write in).

  3. mirco says:


    how about skin support for the weather icon? and google as weather provider??

    just a simple idea of mine…

  4. Sonni says:

    Love the widget. Would like to see the option to align left right or center, up or down (for date/time/weather), to remove the separator line.

  5. Simon says:

    Hey! i love this app. i do have one question tho. I have a samsung galaxy s (vibrant) and the date doesn’t show up when i switch to landscape mode. is there a way i can get it to show? thanks

  6. vic says:

    It’s great!
    But my weather icon always is moon in morning(but sun on yahoo weather website)
    Never saw the sun on phone@@
    My country:Taiwan
    city: Taichung city

  7. SGTUSMC says:

    LOVE THE WIDGET…….Is ther a way to get text for the time ie one oh five pm etc.

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