SiMi Folder Version 1.0 – A new Widget and a new Year

SiMi Folder is a customizable Folder Widget with a horizontal scrollable Launcher.
(based on the Launcher from SiMi Clock)


* Size 1×1, 1×2, 1×3, 2×1, 2×2 and 3×1
* 9 different Widget Layouts
* User defined Folder Icons
* User defined Text Color and Size
* Unlimited number of Apps can be linked to a Folder
* User defined Background color.

How to

Step 1: Add a new Folder
Step 2: Select the new Folder
Step 3: Link Apps to the Folder ( Button Applications )
Step 4: Add a SiMi Folder Widget to your Homescreen
Step 5: Select the Folder you want to use.
-> Done

Whats next

Next Version will include:
* Contact and Bookmark Folders
* Special Folders (e.g. Starred Contacts, Apps )

If wish you all a happy and successful new year : – )

  1. milkykung says:

    WOWWWWW :D The concept and appearance are awesome. Cutomisation options are fruitful and as usual, being so clean and usable.

    I love your creativity mate.

    Happy New YEAR 2011 to you, hateman :D


  2. André says:

    For an early version: GREAT!

    1 (maybe) bug: doesn’t save the selected widget layout, so only the first layout can be chosen. (SGS 2.2.1 custom rom)

    1 request: alphabetically sorting of apps while adding them to a folder would be helpful.

    Beer is on the way, happy new year!! :)

    • th says:

      Thanks for the beer :-)
      Apps are now sorted.

      • André says:

        I’ve noticed it, thanks! :)

        Can you confirm the bug with the folder layout? I would like to know if it’s really a bug or the problem is at my side… maybe the custom rom, the theme I use, or something else.

        Very good changes with the update, like hiding apps titles! :)

        • th says:

          Sorry , but you are the only one with this bug, or nobody found it yet.
          Can you click on one of the other layouts? Is the layout checked then?

          • André says:

            Oh it seems i have found a hidden bug.. ;)

            Yes, i start simi folder, click on one of my folders, then folder settings -> widget layout. there i choose a different layout (one without folder title), it is checked. i click “ok”. i return to widget layout, the first layout is checked again, not that which i’ve chosen.

            or i choose the layout, click ok -> save -> back -> exit. same.

            but if i am the only one with this bug, so forget it. it seems to be a problem with my configuration… maybe custom rom (darky’s v7.6) or theme (litepro blue skyline v5).

  3. Tor says:

    great app. would gladly pay for this if you:
    add option for rows (this can maybe be tricky due to the way the widget works i guess)
    icon pack
    alphabetically sorting
    option to remove the names of the apps in the folders

    • th says:

      More rows and vertical scrolling will be available soon. Sorting is already done und you can remove the names of the apps in the folders.

  4. Eric says:

    Great concept at work!

    Some more optimization needed:
    1) App names: ability to remove; ability to force multiple lines if app name is long (now some apps w/ long names are blocking the whole folder)
    2) Folder size: options to have multiple rows (no need to scroll like crazy if there are many apps)
    3) Sorting: options to have manual sorting

    Thanks a lot dev! Looking forward to your great works!

  5. CrAsHeRiT says:

    Well..this is an amazing utility!
    It’s fast and very very smooth, but i think that the best user experience would be using vertical scrolling instead of horizontal scrolling.
    Moreover, app icon size should be bigger (still for a better user exp.)
    My 2cents, of course :)

  6. kamidude says:

    Are you planning to release the source for this app?
    I would really like to work & add some optional features (icon layout, animations)

  7. Chuck says:

    An excellent concept for an app & it looks like you are already working on new functionality. The issue I have run into is sometimes when I open the folder my Launcher Pro will go into a loop of closing & reopening on my Motorola USXT720 on android 2.1.

    P.S. Love the clock too!

  8. Adrian says:

    I’m a newbie on this, but can you please tell me how or where can i get/setup icons for my folders? Should i download them?

    By the way. I love your app.

  9. IlirB says:

    I love SiMi Clock and it’s only thing on my homescreen. Now Folders it’s just AWESOME, it’s slick, beautiful and very useful.

    I’ve been using AppsOrganizer for folders which does it’s job pretty well but it’s quite ugly.

    I would like to see option like displaying more than 1 row of apps instead of just one. Also i use LauncherPro and i was able to add folders from AppsOrganizer to dock shortcuts but i’m unable to add folder from SiMi Folder, either i’m not doing it correctly or you or dev of LauncherPro has to include it?

    Thank you

  10. chrisonline says:


    Great Widget i like it very much, but i have one suggestion.
    I think its to complicated to add a new shortcut to the folder.

    Is it possible to add in a feature release a simpler way instead of open the widget, select folder, select applications, scroll down if you find your app and select it.

    I would prefer a simpler way like the standard folder.
    Simple drag and drop the application icon into the folder.


  11. Jon says:

    Hey man this is an awesome app. Cleaned up my home screen and I greatly appreciate it. My only suggestion, allow bookmarks and apps into the same folders. I’d like to add espn.com and my espn app into the same folder.
    Keep up the great work!

  12. basta25 says:

    Hey. This is a very nice App. But i missed some functions. It would be nice if these features are includet – than i can replace my installed apps folder organizer and desktop visualizer ;-)

    1. to set the folder/widget as an shortcut or automaticly set to an shortcut if only one App is in the folder

    2. the same for a contact and an setting to choose “directcontact” that opend a launcher like simi clock, with options –> call – show contact – sms – send e-mail – navigate to

    Thank you

  13. Adrian says:

    Thank you for the new features. I really like this app.

    I have a qquestion. I have a Droid x and i use motoblur so it links my contacts with those i have in facebook. So most of my contacts pictures are those they have set as their profile picture in facebook but when adding them to a new contacts folderthe picture goes away. It only shows the picture for contacts not linked to a facebook profile. Os there a way to fix it? Or a workaround at least?

    Thanks again buddy.

    • th says:


      I don’t like how the contacts are handled at the moment. I will change alot in that part. I will make sure that the problem you have been fixed in on of the next releases.

      • Adrian says:

        Thanks for the latest update. I’m just wondering how can i enable vertical scrolling. Folders i already have still only show horizontal scrolling even if they have more than five elements. Is there anything i should do to get/refresh the new changes?

  14. Tsjoklat says:

    Really like this! I do want to use the folder icons the widget provide but would like to be able to colour it like I can with SiMi clock. Is this something you would consider?

  15. Peter says:

    I really love the new folder widget.

    I have a couple of suggestions to improve it even more.

    First, the horizontal scrolling is great, would i be possible to add a single column pop-up option with more space for text, as it is now it is hard to know who I’m calling if I have first names that are longer then 10 characters.

    Second, the design of the pop-up differs between the Clock widget and the Folder widget.
    It would be better and more beautifull if you use the same layout and design for both widgets. And if I can suggest I would prefer the Clock widget design.

    Again, love your widgets


  16. mila says:

    Hello, both fine work.
    Is is possible to get the simi folders as shortcut into the Laucherpro Plus dockbar. Or make a LP shortcut? And i will sent you a beer!!


  17. Daniel says:

    Hi, I really like this widget alot!
    I only have 1 issue with it.
    If I play a game, listen to some music and use my satnav app (Aura), not all at the same time. Simifolder seems to unload from RAM and when I try to open my games folder (20+ games in that folder) it can take a while for it to load all icons again. Is there a way to stop android 2.2.1 from unloading the icons from RAM?

    Desire HD Stock 2.2.1 ROM with Launcherpro Plus

  18. Jackie says:

    Thank you so much for your great app. Can you add a function to list icon by frequency? The it is perfect.

  19. Benjamin says:

    Hi, after seeing this SIMI clock, the Fancy Widget has become my Secondary widget.

    I love this.

    But I am waiting for an update on a ‘weather sync’, and it’s not been done till now, though many updates have taken place so far.

    What’s happening is, when it’s evening in my place, and the weather widget still shows Sun and cloud, and sometime vice versa, wherein when it’s noon, it shows moon. I tried refreshing too and doesn’t work. I had to close the widget, wait for 30 minutes, and when I load again, it works.

    I thought my automatic task killer is killing this app. But to the surprise this widget is not listed in the Automatic Task Killer list itself. That’s strange though.

    Any help in it please email me to benzmar at gmail dot com.

  20. Benjamin says:

    I would love to see the number of days we have crossed so far in a year. Such is available in the Fancy Widget.

    At present SIMI gives only the number of week. Will be good to see number of days too.

  21. Stephan says:

    Hi, Have installed SIMI Folder top my brandnew Samsung Galaxy Vibrant (GT-i9000m). Concept is great, interface rocks but… when clicking on app icons in Linked Items screen, they don’t open the app…. hmm…? Bug or did I miss something? Cheers, Stephan

  22. HUE says:

    Thanks for clock and folder widget.
    I just hope one thing ……that…
    Is there better way loading apps list?
    This takes pretty long time and boring..
    Example of solving this problem is that DVR(desktop visualizer) provides apps list cash app for faster app list loading.(but it doesn’t work on my g tap anyway)
    I think this is biggest problems of all kind of shortcut and folder apps, and eventually, people usually sick and tired of this apps list loading.
    I used smart short cut,better cut, apps organizer, folder orgernizer, etc, they were good.
    But i don’tuse them now because when I installed a new app, it is so annoying job..

  23. JBiz227 says:

    Switching between 2 widgets takes 2 taps, one closes the open window and the next opens the new one. Would be nice if it only took one touch.

    Also, what are the purposes of the larger size widgets 1×3, 2×1, etc.? Is there some way to add multiple folders to them or is that for larger icons?

  24. Helton says:

    I’m trying to add a widget with 2 rows of apps but it only show 1 row, already tried everthing but don’t find a way to show 2 rows when click on widget.

  25. Phil says:


    Awesome app!

    Would it be possible to add the option to customize the application icons in the launcher?


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