New Versions ?


Just a quick post to inform everyone about the next versions of SiMi Clock and SiMi Folder.

The next version of SiMi folder will be available on Monday and the next version of SiMi Clock on Tuesday.

Thanks for all the comments and ideas. I have them all on my Todolist.

  1. Your apps are sooo so great!
    I wish there would be donation versions in the market for me to be able to support your work..

  2. Stephen LaForge says:

    App won’t open on evo with CyanogenMod 6. any ideas?

  3. Jason says:

    Hi, love the clock widget! Just wanted to make one suggestion… if you could allow the date text to be in all caps, similar to the “calendr” or “clockr” widget in the market. That would really help to match the minimalistic look of those widgets. Thanks!

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