SiMi Folder 1.5.2 – Bugfix


There is a new Version available which should fix the problems with the appcache. ( Duplicate apps, missing Icons, missing apps… )

Apps are now sortable by name and launch frequency.

Have fun

  1. Benjamin Weiss says:

    Please consider adding an option in the contacts folder to list contacts by last name first.

    Thank you!

  2. Will says:

    With this version, when I press an icon to launch an app, the icon changes to a random icon then the app launches.

  3. Oliver says:

    Any chance you could explain how to add custom icon packs? It just isn’t working for me…

  4. Oliver says:

    Also, like a person suggested on androlib… could you add an arrow that appears on the left or right when more apps are available, before you’ve scrolled to them? This is great, otherwise.

  5. milkykung says:

    Great update :D

    No more appcache bug upon my reboot.


    I second that. Please advise how to use icon pack properly because I cannot make it work right.

    Thank you for your continuous development. This app is very uniquely useful.


  6. Andreas says:

    Great work, best auch Widget in market.
    But, like always, i have a some little ideas!

    I would like to change the labels and/or icons of the shortcuts.
    I wish i can change the distance between the shortcuts, if i use
    horizontal style, i got 7 icons in a row, so all labels will be cut off.
    I also want to see small icons, even if i use no labels.
    And last but not least, how about splitting longer labels into 2 rows?

    Bye And thank-you for your gerät work.

  7. heliotrope says:

    Fantastic program. I have a suggestion- if you look at an app like Folder Organizer, there is the ability to add shortcuts from the launcher’s shortcut list. If you are using LauncherPro, this is a seriously powerful ability because you can add shortcuts to specific intents. It also allows shortcuts to particular settings. If you could build this in, the program would have literally all the features I want.

  8. mike says:

    if u could make a layout that looks like the iphone folders…that would be awesome

  9. Jason says:

    Feature request: drag and drop

  10. psychodevil says:

    Hello, thanks for your app, but how to undefined an icon? Because Finaly i want the basic folder! :)
    Sorry for my poor english…

  11. Brutus says:

    Love your widgets. Got the clock and the folders on my main screen. Managed to get rid of a lot of stuff I had previously.

    I didn’t see anyone suggest this from glancing the comments, but would you be able to create a Simi Folder widget that has the system settings? What I am suggesting is your own take on the Power Control widget. A Simi style widget where we can turn on/off BT, GPS, Airplane, WiFi, etc. Would love to see access to Brightness and Volumes as well.

    With this, we can have the cleanest, Simi-est homescreen around.

    Thanks for the hard work. Will try to get you a hefewiezen one of these days.

  12. Peter D. says:

    Excellent Widget! Great space saver.
    1. Direct Dial option for contacts
    2. Direct Message option for contacts

    Thank you for your hard work

  13. sniper says:

    Great work. I have one small feature request: Please add subfolders

  14. Ken Masters says:

    Awesome app..
    Feature request.. (mainly based around easier management)

    1. Untagged app folder (to see what apps I haven’t sorted yet)
    2. Complete app list which shows the folder it’s been sorted into (click icon once to select folder for easier sorting)
    3. Opening the widget will “slice the wallpaper and push it down (like iphone)

    Keep up the great work… :)

  15. Diana says:

    Love your widgets! The new update was great. Really the only thing I wish it had was a setting for the thickness of the frame of the launcher if you use a custom one. Everything else is great. It works perfect and is soo much better than the standard android folders.

  16. Nathan says:

    I’m a big fan of your widgets. Can I make a feature request for SiMi Folder? If there’s only one app in the folder, I would love to see an auto-lanuch setting. Basically, Desktop Visualizer is really letting me down with the poor quality of its image rendering, and I really like yours and want everything to play along and look nice.

  17. Francis says:

    Love your widget!

    A few suggestions please:

    1) Add a feature so the background of the folder widget flashes like when you tap on any other app icon to let the user know that they tapped on the right spot.

    My games folder takes about a second before it opens and sometimes I’ll tap on the folder widget thinking it’s a “dead” spot and tap again causing the folder to open and close.

    2) Can you add the ability to customize the height of the vertical launcher? Right now I can see only 2 1/2 rows of icons and I’d love to be able to see at least 3 (or more) rows which is helpful for any folders with a lot of icons.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  18. Francis says:

    Forgot one more:

    3) On the list of applications to assign apps to a SiMi folder, please add a grab bar to scroll quickly through the list of apps (good for those with a LOT of apps)

  19. Chuck says:

    I really like your widgets & am looking forward to a paid version of this one to go along with my SIMI Clock Pro. My request would be to have the alphabetical sorting ignore case. For example in my folder Zeam comes before adbWireless.

  20. Oliver says:

    This is a great app! I really like the minimalistic folder design. But why are the windows restricted to two rows of icons? It would be the perfect folder widget for me if there was an option to increase the window size to show all included icons. It would also be fine to have an option to choose the background colour and transparency of the windows.

  21. Nick says:

    First, I would like to say THANK YOU!!! I was getting so frustrated trying to organize my phone until I found this app. I know people have already mentioned these suggestions, but I too would like to be able to put direct dial and direct message shortcuts into a folder. The only other request I have is I would like to have the option to make horizontal folders open above the folder icon. Again, thank you, this is a wonderful app!

  22. Godsent says:

    GREAT!! BUT I have one suggestion.

    I think the launcher is too far from icon.

    Thank you.

  23. alex says:

    Thanks for your great apps.
    Could you please fix this bug?

    It happens always when I join contact to an existing contact in folder widget :/
    There is no way to remove it. I have to delete the group and make it all over again.

    I also suggest direct call from contact widget and customize high for vertical widget.. thanks again

  24. pascal says:

    Hello, great app,but… Is it possible to have a 4X1 icon setting ?

  25. Northlight says:

    Thanks for the nice Folders and the clock.
    It would be nice to have the ability to add not just
    Folders, but also Simi Buttons 1×1, 1×2 and 2×1
    to launch an app like a shortcut but with an custom image.

  26. DuzAwe says:

    It doesn’t seem to work on my hero 2.3

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