No I’am not sleeping…

…it was just a busy week .

Thanks for Comments, ideas, donation and yes, also for the bugs you found. I will answer all of them this weekend. I promise ; – )

By the way, if you are using Facebook, there is now a page about SiMi Clock, SiMi Folder and SiMi … psst not yet…. I would be honored if you check it out. SiMi – SimpleMinimal

Have fun

  1. milkykung says:

    Just to say thank you so much for the larger range of customisation. Your folder app is superb mate ;)


  2. hudich says:

    Thanks for this great application.
    I’m interested in whether it is possible to make a launcher in full screen?
    I have now only 2 rows of icons.


  3. eric says:

    Dear Hateman,

    SiMi Clock is simple and match! Just a suggestion, could you remove the animation of app pop up to make it faster? Also could you add the app list from current 5 to 6?

  4. Rich says:

    Thanks for this great app. I’d really like to know where to find the folder icons you show in your screenshots. Do tell!

  5. fasthair says:

    Would it be possible to add drag and drop to SiMi Folders? Unless I’m missing the option this is the only thing missing from the stock Google folders setup.


  6. Kreetter says:

    Great app! Is possible launcher style Android??

  7. Ben says:

    Best clock app ever. Only problem is I upgraded to liquid gingerbread rom and now it doesn’t update time. Seems to get stuck and if I refresh weather then it updates both. Hope its not too bad of a bug. Thanks

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