SiMi Clock 2.4


There is a new version of SiMi Clock available : – )

Whats new / fixed :

  • New: Changed name from gTab simi Clock to SiMi Clock
  • New: SiMi Clock Battery Widget 1×1
  • New: SiMi Clock Weather Widget 1×1
  • New: Use SiMi Folder as Launcher
  • New: Customizable divider color
  • New: Tap launcher for Battery
  • New: Battery Info
  • New: Redesign of Ui
  • New: Compatible with Android 2.3 (tested with emulator)
  • Bugfix: Tap/Redraw in launcher fixed

Hope you like it ; – )

  1. ebasi says:

    Thank you for the great widget! I really love it!

    Would be great if there is possibility to choose between differing weather sources. Forecaeca is the best solution for eastern Europe people like me – I make some investigations, comparing Google forecast, Foreca forecast and real situation at this part of the continent and Foreca has the most accurate forecast information.

  2. Teppo Sahamies says:


    I like your app.

    I have one suggestion. I think there should be larger sizes for battery widget. Looks very small to my eye.

    Thank you and keep up good work!

  3. masterxchief says:

    Is it possible to make the battery use option pop up when tapping the battery circle? I know you can get battery info but I use the battery use option more often and would really like to get rid of icons on my screen. Keep up the great work!

  4. joechung says:

    Good to see an update to SiMi Clock. Very nice new UI for the settings. Best of the clock widgets out there by far.

    There are, however, couple of things that I noticed that are still apparent in this new version 2.4.

    1) It still appears as gTabSiMiClock in the Settings > Applications > Manage applications list.

    2) The icons in the Launcher settings are in different sizes. Here’s a screenshot from my phone:

    Keep up the excellent work!

  5. sniper says:

    > New: Compatible with Android 2.3 (tested with emulator)

    I have Android 2.3.2 running and i can acknowledge it’s not only working in the emulator. ;-) Even 2.2.x was working on Gingerbread.

  6. acero says:


    is it possible to add an option to show next alarm (for example below the date)? It would be great.

    Anyway thanks for your work, appreciate it!

  7. AlphaOnedesign says:

    I own an Archos 5 Internet Tablet that currently uses Android 1.6. Is it possible that this app could be developed to be compatible with 1.6? I love the minimal design of the widget, and there is currently nothing like it for 1.6 yet. Thanks.

  8. atticus says:

    Keep up the good work. It still says ‘gtab Simi clock’ in the widget settings, fyi.

    Also, the location-based weather didn’t work until I manually added my current location, updated it, and then changed to location-based weather.

  9. tklon says:

    Thank you for your nice widget.
    Is it possible to display something under the hours? This would be nice.

  10. Trasto says:

    hello , i realy like this widget but with the lastest update the widget is not working , my phone is Sony-ericsson X10 ,please fix it last problem.

    Sorry for my english.

    Cheers and thansk for your job.

  11. kls says:

    This is the nicest and best clock widget I ever tried on my old magic.

    For me, only one thing is left, which would cover _all_ my needs for a clock on android:

    As it is possible to put the widget more then one time on the screen, it would be very nice if there was a setting for the time zone used for a particular widget, almost same as for the wether.

    Thanks for the great widget and for sharing it for free.

  12. bernd says:

    Leider kein Refresch mehr in 2.3.2. D.h. Uhr bleibt stehen, wird nun mit settings die Einstellung erneut bestätigt dann wird die Uhr refrescht. Der Dienst läuft (wird unter Dienste angezeigt) und es ist auch kein Task killer oder sowas installiert.

  13. AndreyT says:

    After the recent update the “launcher” functionality is broken. It is no longer possible to disable the launcher. Even after setting all launcher areas to “disable”, clicking these areas will still launch the widget’s config screen. It applies to all SiMi widgets.

    Before the recent update the “disable” settings were working fine.

  14. Zeta says:

    This is a great application and I found most of the function very userfriendly. But there’s one problem for me. I am living in Hong Kong and I found that I could only get the temperature information working, the weather icon could not be shown correctly, there’s only a “?” on my screen, other than this everything works find and great.

  15. Kevin Clark says:

    Wow, I love this clock. Do you think you could modify the battery circle some how to show that the battery is charging?

  16. Redwid says:

    I’ve noticed that latest update started wasting my battery. All time widget has non stopping activity. Previews version worked absolutely fine. Please find a screen shot from system panel attached:

    After 7.00 I switched monitor off. You could see that there no gap with 0.0% activity. Previous version had this gaps a lot.

  17. Anno says:

    Hi, it already was my favorite widget but still adding great improovments. Just two things. I am missing the possibility to enter clock setup and weather refresh when choosing simi folder instead of the build in folder launcher. Also I would like the possibility to choose the arrangement of the displayed infos. No matter what, great work.

    Take care

  18. Aloner says:

    Great widget!

    However, the weather information never updates (the update interval is set to 6 hours) unless I click on the weather icon.
    I am not using the Location Aware functionality, but a fixed location.

    Can you help?

    Many thanks

  19. Tim says:

    I love this widget. It is by far the best looking and has the best functions of any clock/weather widget out there.

    Lately I’ve been having problems with the widget freezing. The clock has sometimes been 6 or 7 hours behind if it freezes overnight. This did not happen until the last few days. I’m running GSB 1.3 (it also happened on 1.2), which is a CM7 ROM for the HTC Droid Eris. None of my other widgets have been having this problem, but I also haven’t tried going back to Froyo or Eclair since this started happening.

    The way I’ve fixed the freeze is to bring up the settings and then click save. This has fixed it every time. I also checked to see if Autokiller was shutting it down, but it froze without autokiller installed.

    Please let me know if there are any settings I can try or if there is any more information I can get for you to determine if it is the ROM causing the problem or the app.

    • th says:

      I think the probem is the 2.3 Rom. I would like to send you a new Version todo. Maybe you can test it again with the new version.

  20. onlavu says:

    I love your widget – simple and nice looking. I suggest some improvments: wider weather forecast (2-3 days) and somehow to add info about alarm (if it is on/off, show next alarm time would be also nice-like in stock app for alarm):)
    And could you tell me, where do you take a data for a weather (which server)?

  21. Logan says:

    How do I uninstall it? I can’t find any SiMi entries in the app/all listings in my Manage Applications settings (phone: Vodafone 845 running Eclair).

  22. Hugo says:

    I suggest more font options: italic, bold, shadow, shadow again….and an option to add shadow in the text :)

  23. LaTiNo says:

    Hi there,

    First of all congratulations for making the most beautiful clock there is ;)

    Now, I’m using a Motorola Milestone with Cronos 1.8.1 ROM and the clock crashes (and sequentaly disappears the from widget-list!!) after pluggin the phone into the pc. It seems like it uses the SD-card to store some info and it crashes when that info isn’t available anymore?

    Only a full uninstall an install fixes it…for a while…

    Anyone here having the same issue?

    ps. No, I am not using a task killer

    • th says:

      Is it possible that you installed the widget to the sdcard? Only if you export or import the settings the sdcard is used.

  24. karl says:

    I just installed SiMi clock, and I love it. Thank you for the great app. I happily purchased the Donate version.

    Here are a few things I found as I’ve played with the configuration:

    1) Changing the colors of all the components can be very time consuming. I’ve set all of them to the same foreground color, but had to configure them separately. Perhaps there could be a way to set a default foreground color?

    2) For weather, the app seems to use GPS to determine the location, instead of using wireless networks. GPS is a battery killer on my phone, and when I’m indoors, SiMi clock seems to repeatedly poll to find GPS. It would work better for me if the app only used network-based location.

    3) To avoid #2 above, I’ve entered a fixed location for weather. Since I did that, the current temperature in the widget displays a flickering 32 degrees F. So this doesn’t seem to be working right for me.

    4) When I’m in SiMi Clock settings, the preview at the bottom of the panel is not complete. It only shows the time & date, not the weather and battery. It also doesn’t seem to accurately show the color of AM/PM text. I need to save and look at the widget on my screen to see config changes. That’s not a big problem, but I thought you want to know.

    I’m running SiMi Clock on a Samsung/AT&T Captivate (Galaxy S) running Eclair/2.1 in the USA.

    Thanks again for a great app, and keep up the good work.

    • karl says:

      Some clarification on #3: The fixed location I’m trying to use is country = United States, city = fairfax va, which is displayed as “Fairfax United States (Virginia)” when I test. The temperature that flickers is the last temperature previously displayed, not always 32 F. In addition to the temperature flickering, it polls the network nonstop. So in addition to never successfully acquiring the latest weather, it drains the battery with nonstop attempts to download.

      I have downloaded two updates since posting before (most recently today), and all of these symptoms remain.

  25. User says:

    I’ve tried a lot of clock widgets and this one is THE BEST! Thank you.

    A few suggestions/requests in the future:

    1. Next alarm. An option to show the next alarm.

    2. Shorter (or user defined) weather refresh options. I’d like a 1/2 hour option specifically but an option where the user can put in the number of minutes would be great.

    3. On battery widget it would be nice if the circle counted down instead of fading. The circle would start to grow smaller counter clockwise as a precentage of battery. It’s hard to distinguish the fade of the circle sometimes.

    4. Charging state. It would be nice if the battery widget indicated that the phone was charging.

    5. Day under hour. With everything in a 4 x 1 widget (Clock, Weather, Battery) the day and date under the minutes sometimes get chopped off unless you set the font size pretty small. If the day was under the hour (even abreviated) then the date would have more room under the minutes.

    All in all a FANTASTIC widget! Please don’t take these as criticisms but simply ideas to push it to be even greater.

    • User says:

      I just found “Circle Battery Widget” that does exactly this. If you could incorporate its features into your widget it would be perfect.

  26. pdstudio says:

    Can i set the alarm clock to the clock on the widget when I tap on the time? Where can I do this. I was searching it much timr but I dont get it. Thank you forwards for help!

    • User says:

      Under the settings go to launcher settings. Change the “left” action to single and pick your alarm app of choice. I’m going by memory but this should get you close enough.

  27. Josh says:

    Hey hateman,

    First off i want to say this is a great app/widget and I wanna thank you so much for it, it’s really the best one out there imo and free as well =)

    After the last update I’ve been having problems putting the widget on my screen; it shows a “sorry” error popup saying the application has stopped unexpectedly. I’ve reinstalled it several times, but nothing seems to be working.

    Currently using cyanogen mod 7 with adw launcher on an evo 4g. Thanks for the help.

  28. Pete says:

    Love your widget! Maybe add a 5 day (or multiple day) weather widget as an option?

  29. J. says:

    Is it possible to have a trasparent background colour? No colour, I mean ;) . In the case of negative answer, why not add it on the next actulization? It would be a great idea! Very Nice app anyway. Thanks for developing it!

  30. Redwid says:

    Is it possible for you to remove log out from release build?

    Just do something like that:

    public static final boolean LOG = true;//change it to false for release

    if(LOG) Log.v(“SiMiClock”, “onUpdate”);

  31. Redwid says:

    Looks like your service for updating time works with interval 1 minute. Doesn’t matter if screen is off or on.

  32. j0p3Y says:

    Thanks for the great widget.
    I would like to see the option to choose between different fonts for the digits. For instance one that consists of dots instead of lines.
    Also the option to make fonts bold (or just select a bold font) would be nice.
    Thanks for the good work.

  33. dogma says:

    I also think one of the best improvements in this app would be to use
    android.location.LocationListener to update the weather location when it is available instead of polling with GPS. This way, no additional battery use will happen from firing up the GPS and weather will be more up to date. If this is implemented, I will definitely go pro.

  34. danwilks says:

    Love the clock! I have the clock on my home screen, but now I can’t seem to access the settings anymore. I have launcher settings for the left and right taps (to clock and weather) but now I can’t seem to tap anywhere to pull up the settings menu. I’m not sure if I somehow disabled access to the settings. Any suggestions?

  35. Hall says:

    I’m running v2.6.6 (no entry for that yet) and the widget keeps forgetting that I want the battery and weather displayed. I don’t know if I’m doing something that kills those or not… Just after some period of time, they’re done. The widget is still there with the clock, but no weather or battery.

    This has happened for a while now (2 months ?) and I end up removing the widget and then trying it again in hopes it’s been fixed. Not complaining, mind you ! I have to presume you’re not aware of this happening and of course, if it only happens to me, well, I know that means it’s something on my phone/ROM.

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