SiMi Clock Pro (Donate)

If you appreciate the work I have put into SiMi Clock and would like to support further development, you can now buy SiMi Clock Pro (Donate).

If you want to change to the Donate Version all you have to do is this :
- Export your SiMi Clock Settings. (Menu -> Export Settings)
- Remove free SiMi Clock (gTabSiMiClock)
- Download SiMi Clock Pro (Donate)
- Import your SiMi Clock Settings (Menu –> Import Settings)

Thank you in advance!

  1. Marco says:

    What is the difference to the free one?

    Thank you for this beautiful widget!

    • th says:

      At the moment nothing. But the donate version will get new features like custom fonts, 4×2 widget with weather forcast ….

  2. Jaye says:


    Love your work! SiMi Clock & Folder are both amazing!
    I have one bug & two requests.
    Bug first… Clock Pro: I’ve changed the font, the font is stored on the sd card. After connecting the phone by USB Clock Pro disappeared from my home screen & my list of widgets, so I had to uninstal before I could get it working again! Obviously I don’t want to go through this every time! Any fix?

    Requests: 1) please add drop shadows to the weather & battery icons. With a wallpaper switcher you can sometimes loose the icons if you change to a similar colour wallpaper.

    2) please can you add an option to get to SiMi Folder options when you have a folder of contacts, will make it easier to tweek.

    Thanks, Jaye

    • th says:

      The font is not stored on the sdcard. After you select the font it is copied to the Data Directory of Simi Clock.
      Are you using App2sd, if yes then this is the problem.
      Weather and Battery Icons will be themable in one of the next versions.

  3. dormantiger says:

    Cool work!
    Please add line break control into user defined data format.

  4. notorious cruz says:

    just wondering i downloaded the free one and i want to donate but before i do i was wondering why i cannot find the 1×1 widget

  5. cxp says:

    Great app.
    The only annoying thing, when i switch to settings it will check license. I get 2 hints “…checking…” and “..valid..” and that every time i modify the widget.

    • cxp says:

      think I found a bug in “Simi Clock Pro”. When I put the 1×1 weather widget on homescreen and have no connection to internet, after some hours (in standby), the widget flashes between no temperature and old value.

      This cause a cpu usage between 12 and 20% of whole system even when phone is in standby and will drain the battery within hours.

  6. Chuck says:

    Since purchasing the SIMI clock pro my AM/PM indicator is gone. Any suggestions on getting it back?

  7. Tv says:

    Great app, simple and elegant. A few notes, though. I’m using the pro version and I’ve noticed that when there is no network connection, the weather feature chews up processor cycles (presumably) trying to connect for updates. I monitor my CPU with the SeePU app and when I disable networking or switch to airplane mode, the demand spikes. Disabling the weather display in SiMi Clock allows the CPU to go back to normal patterns, as does leaving it on and restoring a net connection. I’ve also noticed the licence check note. Is it necessary?

    Thanks in advance.

  8. morris says:

    Thanks, will donate. One request: on Weather widget (1×1), with location displayed — when the city name becomes too long, the widget displays it on two lines — and the bottom half of the 2nd line is cut off (the text is too large to fit in the widget). Don’t want the text any smaller, but would be nice if the city name were truncated rather than split into two lines (for example: “Santa Mo…” rather than “Santa / Monica”), if the 2nd line won’t fit. Thx!

  9. Lars says:

    I really appreciate what you’ve achieved with SiMi Clock. It is the only clock widget that I found to serve my purposes: Simple and plain but still easy and nice to look at clock without taking half of my item space on one home screen.

    I also have two feature requests though:
    1.) I would like the possibility of an option to only refresh weather info when connected to a WLAN. (Of course, if this option is activate, one should still be able to do a manual refresh via data if not connected to WLAN.)

    2.) To make your clock widget perfect (for me :) ) I would like the option to be able to also show the time of the next alarm clock (only if an alarm is activated) on the widget.
    Best case for me would be: clock, date, weather and alarm clock all in one widget.

    And yes, I would buy Pro for that! :)

  10. Bapf says:

    I really love this widget (because of which I just bought the Pro Version :) .

    There’s just one thing missing for me: Would it be possible to add a launcher action which directly calls the “Alarms”-menu (like RetroClock or TypoClock does)?

  11. faroscin says:

    Hi, thanks for the great app.
    Would you consider making the battery circle shortening in an anticlockwise motion, similar to the app “Circle Battery Widget”. It would be great!
    Oh, and the possibility to change the circle thickness would be nice, too.
    Thanks a lot.

  12. John says:

    Thank you for your such a pretty app!
    But, to compare with previous version, I think this version missed something very important.
    So, I’m sending a mail^^;

    1. Launcher orientaion
    2. When click widget icon, we cannot change the size of Icon box at latest ver.
    (I think we could use that before)
    It is very important for users to control sises of Icon boxses I think.

    I’m really thank you for your fantastic job.

    Have a nice day.

  13. mischa says:


    i’m using HTC Desire with GingerVillain 1.6 (Gingerbread 2.3.3) and got a big problem with the weather widget. If i click to refresh the weather myself it is ok, but if my phone is in standby and simiclock try to refresh, it dont do it and weak up my phone and drain the batterie untill its death. If i wake up my phone myself it just kills my mobile data. I cant use i-net until i kill simi clock :/
    I cant say its 100% couse of simi clock but email and other weather widgets works fine, but not simi clock :(

    I dont know if u maybe heard already about this issue.

  14. mischa says:

    Another question,

    can you add the possibility to change the divider font? that would be great.

  15. iamantz says:

    I just want to display the date and weather, how can i do this? BTW, great widget. Thanks.

  16. huto says:

    Personally, I really like simi cloak pro because it is simple and fashioned. Motorola’s smart phone only have display its battery volume by every 10% and this is unalterable. Simi cloak pro is base on the battery volumn of MOTO’s system, so I would think that can it change to an individual battery module, where it does not base on the MOTO core. For example, the application MotoCharge.apk display the battery volumn by exactly 1%, but it does not base on the MOTO core.

    MotoCharge.apk send email

  17. Jake Colman says:

    Excellent job on SimiClock. I’ve been working on my own unrelated widget (ZmanMinder) and am cannot figure out how you were able to set the alpha level of widget background. Would you mind sharing the technique?

    …Jake Colman

  18. laura says:

    hi!, i wanted to congratulate you for this amazing app. It’s just fantastic. But, i have a problem. Im currently using it with the Regina Home theme. With the regular one that came with my android phone worked great. But this one.. the thing that i’m having is that…. wherever i put a folder shortcut.. the launcher always appears in the TOP of the screen… even if the icon is in the bottom.. i don’t know how to fix that.. ?? can someone help me?

  19. Cinder says:

    Not sure if these concepts are feasible, but I think they would help:

    - Remove segments of the circle surrounding the number as the value gets lower on the battery life indicator
    - Allow user to designate a ‘battery full’ color and a ‘battery low’ color >> have “battery full” color gradually fade to “battery low” color
    - Lastly, a small weather animation would be nice

    Other than these things, great work. Keep it up.

    Just me 2 cents…

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