SiMi Clock – Version 1.8.2

Small Bugfix Version

  • Bugfix for small screens
  • More Dateformats

Have fun

  1. vento says:

    Very nice clock I love the style, but I can’t use it on my X10 mini unless you make the clock bigger (or resizeable via launcher pro maybe) & also make the setup menu scrollable (can’t access to all the option, they are covered by the preview screen).

    How you ‘ll make it 100% compatible with tiny screens, because it’s a beautiful widget you made and I want it on my phone ;)

  2. vento says:

    “hope you’ll…”, not “how”

  3. Dre says:

    Can you please add the option to launch the calendar (or another app) when the date is tapped? Thanks! This app is great.

  4. Bruce says:

    SiMi Clock is great! I have tried many digital clock widgets, this one has style. I am definitely curious about SiMI Batt! The app I’m using is simple and works well, but doesn’t quite match the style of SiMi Clock. I have a calendar app I use, have it set to open when I tap SiMi Clock, so that’s not such a big priority for me.

    battery widget: PowerWidget Basic at
    clock app: Quick Calendar at

    One suggestion for a date format for people who want text and a big font in a 2×1 or 3×1 size: Fri 12 Nov with no punctuation.

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