SiMi Clock – Version 1.8.5 or The night of the living settings…

I’m tired !

Last night I have done a complete rebuild of the Settings. The old view was ugly and time-consuming. Adding new settings took to long and the source was a mess.

I was experimenting with PreferenceActivity and a way to embedded them in an Activity, but this was a dead end. So I tried to build my own PreferenceActivity without the use of a PreferenceScreen resource. This was no dead end and after 6 hours I had an new Settings Dialog the way I wanted it from the beginning. The problems some users have with small Screen Devices ( HTC Tattoo ) should be fixed with the new Settings.

Hope you like it also.

  1. Sesche says:

    Hi Hateman,
    I really like your widget its pure simple and I am still able to config a lot
    of things, so thanks for your work.

    One tiny thing I would like to see is that I could use the following Date

    Sa., 13. Nov

    So if you are fiddling with code next time, please insert this format,
    although I have to say that I am using 1.82, I will update as soon
    as I have net access again, to check out 1.83.

    Thanks again and greetings from south of the border ;-)


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