SiMi Clock Version 1.9 – Settings

So the Problem with the Settings on MIUI Roms should be fixed. The Setting where build from scratch again.

Small Feature Update. It is now possible to select two Apps to launch. One for the left and one for the right side.

And yes: Wheather looks good ……

Have fun

  1. oz says:

    Awesome application, I’ve now disabled the clock in my status bar for this sweet widget. Any chance of adding a “directly to alarm when tapped” back in?

    • th says:

      it is allready in there :-) you have to add the widget again to you homescreen. You can define an app to start for the left and the right side.

  2. oz says:

    hey th!

    Thanks for the fast response. I can see that I can pull up an option for what app to open, but it does not show “Alarm”, just “Clock, Browser, Music…etc etc etc etc”

    I am on this screen.

    No “Alarm” :( Droid 1 with Cyanogenmod 6.1 RC3

  3. case says:

    Can’t I buy you a beer without Paypal? Love your work, but don’t want to sign up to paypal for this occassion only….

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