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No I’am not sleeping…


…it was just a busy week .

Thanks for Comments, ideas, donation and yes, also for the bugs you found. I will answer all of them this weekend. I promise ; – )

By the way, if you are using Facebook, there is now a page about SiMi Clock, SiMi Folder and SiMi … psst not yet…. I would be honored if you check it out. SiMi – SimpleMinimal

Have fun

SiMi Folder 1.5.2 – Bugfix



There is a new Version available which should fix the problems with the appcache. ( Duplicate apps, missing Icons, missing apps… )

Apps are now sortable by name and launch frequency.

Have fun

SiMi Clock – What’s next



Thanks for all the nice ideas you send me and also posted in the comments. I will start working on the new version tomorrow. It will take some time to have the new version finished, but there will be alot of new features and bugfixes in the new Version.

Have fun

SiMi Folder 1.5 – Don’t hate me…



There is a new version of SiMi folder available. But there is a small thing I have to tell you before you install the new Version. You will lose all your defined Folders. So its out. Sorry for that : – ( But this way I could start from scratch and I think it is worth it.

So what is new:

  • Apps are now cached
  • Icon pack support
  • Shortcuts to SiMi Folder
  • Launcher settings for each folder
  • and hundreds of bugfixes ( and new one )

So please don’t hate me ; – )

New Versions ?



Just a quick post to inform everyone about the next versions of SiMi Clock and SiMi Folder.

The next version of SiMi folder will be available on Monday and the next version of SiMi Clock on Tuesday.

Thanks for all the comments and ideas. I have them all on my Todolist.