SiMi Folder 1.5 – Don’t hate me…


There is a new version of SiMi folder available. But there is a small thing I have to tell you before you install the new Version. You will lose all your defined Folders. So its out. Sorry for that : – ( But this way I could start from scratch and I think it is worth it.

So what is new:

  • Apps are now cached
  • Icon pack support
  • Shortcuts to SiMi Folder
  • Launcher settings for each folder
  • and hundreds of bugfixes ( and new one )

So please don’t hate me ; – )

  1. Chuck says:

    I might curse you a little, but I don’t hate you ;-) . One thing I did notice is that the Best Buy app doesn’t appear in my to select the apps for a folder. I don’t know if this was true of earlier versions as I just downloaded it. I looked to clear any cache under application management but didn’t see anything there under your app. Over all thought I really love your apps & think the upgrade is worth it.


  2. Dave says:

    Hi, thanks for your great widgets!

    Could you tell me what icon pack you used for the screenshots?

  3. Daniel says:

    Looks Great, Works Great!

    I waited for the new version before making folders in the old one. The wait was worth it!

    Thank you!

  4. Nicolas says:


    Thanks for new version. I have a remark : Why there isn’t the scroll on the widget ? My icons are smaller if there are more four icons on the widget. It’s damage becouse the scroll on the old version was very interesting. An other remark on widget’s icons : When icons are smaller they are cut …

    Good luck, best regard.

    • th says:

      The scrolling is still there ? You are right , the Icon are a little bit smaller. This can be fixed.

      • Nicolas says:

        I confirm for the scroll. It’s ok. For icons, I prefer when they were bigger and not cut. It’s my opinion.

        Best regard.

  5. Obi says:

    Thanks for the great widget. But after the latest update I’ve the same problem as Chuck: Not all of my apps (e.g. XBMX) doesn’t appear to select the for a folder.

    Best regards

  6. Adien says:

    Very nice app !
    It could be great to set the size of the icon in the launcher :)

  7. Foo says:

    Everything work fine after I do all the configuration.
    But when I restart my phone, most of the application
    locate in my SD card won’t appear in simi folder widget. I need
    To go in to simi folder and do a appcache reset.

    Hopefully you will fix this in the next version.

    Will it be tomorrow?

  8. milkykung says:

    Wonderful work again :D

    Vertical scrolling is really useful for my crowded folder. It looks very good too.

    Please keep it up. The only small bug is the missing apps once restart but the workaround is to reset appcache as “Foo” mentioned.


  9. KaliS says:

    Love the app, seems very useful and better fo me than other apps that attemt to do the same. I would like to know where I can get different icon packs specific for this app and are there any suggestions? I saw some icon packs in the market, but wasn’t sure if they would work for this folder app.

    Thanks and keep up the excellent work!

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