SiMi Clock Version 2.2 – Battery is here to stay

Whipping up a fury
Dominating flurry
We create the battery

If you know this song I will tell you what is new in SiMi Clock ; – )

So back to normal. What is new in SiMi Clock

  • Battery display
  • Possibility to disable Tap
  • Display of current Location
  • Color for Am/Pm
  • Weather Display for 3×1
  • Small Bugfix for Location aware Weather
  • Small Bugfix for Taplauncher

Small Description of Battery Display.

The Circle you see arround the Battery Level will fade based on the Battery level.

And remember: If you like my work … I like Beer (hint) ; – )

Have Fun

  1. dan says:


    very good app – the best minimal looking app for my homescreen..
    two things:
    i personally find th new ring around the beattery icon somehow thick (what about a thin ring – the same way the divison between hour and minute is done)
    on my smasung galaxy s (still on eclair) the time doesnt automatically refresh (? – or is it a setting i havent found)


  2. cross says:

    love the widget, but since it got updated, the weather doenst stay “on top” anymore if i enlarge it (its align is in the middle).. doesnt look good on my homescreen, i liked it as it was in de previous version.
    hope this is just a bug and its gettin fixed, as i said i loved the widget in version 2.1, because it looked perfect ;)

  3. slav says:

    I really like the widget! The only issue I have is with weather – shows totally different values from what all other weather servers claim (i.e. accuweather). Also sometimes it stops refreshing the time and it starts again after I restart LauncherPro…might be an issue with the launcher, don’t know

  4. Dimitris says:

    Thank you very much for this beautiful widget.

    Just one request: please make the battery’s size configurable from the user! :-)
    And a bug (in qvga screen) : if i enable the weather, it pushes down (and make invisible by 80%) the date string…

    Greets from greece
    Merry Christmas & happy new year :)

  5. gdisen says:

    Hello and thank you for your work.
    Are you planing to make few ways to show battery symbol?
    I have found some icons called “batteryXXX.png” in your *.apk…
    It will be great if you will make it!!!

  6. Partha Bhattacharjee says:

    This is a great widget with so many customisable options that one can keep it bare minimum to “clock only” or unleash its full power down to battery indicator & weather.
    Would love to see three/four more lines below the battery (lifting up the battery icon a bit and making space) with full customisation showing Internal Mem/SD card/RAM/CPU etc.
    Many thanks to you Hateman.

  7. loolzaaa says:

    Greetings. Widget is great… So many options and very beautilful battery update. I would like to see the opportunity to go to the log flow battery charge by taping on the indicator widget. Is it possible? Thanks.

  8. Tcat says:

    Love the app, pretty much launch everything from it. Don’t have Battery on since I hate the thickness of ring (on an Intercept the digits inside are barely readable and not centered). I seem to get gtabsimiclock service running a lot (I check with Watchdog), have an alarm set for any app that hits 50% CPU, and SimiClock set it off at 3:30AM this morning (at 56%). What is it doing and can I stop it? Maybe the weather app is doing this?

  9. albert g. says:

    Your clock widget is really nice in design. However, there can be a lot of improvement in features. Some important features can be added:
    1. Using cell provider for the location as the 1st option, then use gps as an optional.
    2. Added option to have different location (time zone) for both clock and weather info.
    3. Ability to have 2 or more of your widget on the home screen with different location so people not only can see their local time but also world time

    • th says:

      Point 1: Good Idea. Will add this as a option
      Point 2: Will try to add this.
      Point 3: Already possible if you use fixed Locations.

      • Giorgio says:

        Hello great apps for me is the clock app on market.

        about point 3

        how can I have two different clocks in homepage? i use only fixed locations

  10. albert g. says:

    at the same home screen. With these following features, your widget will be worth as a paid widget ob the android market. I will be willing to pay for your widget or buying you a beer.

    Thanks a lot

  11. joechung says:


    Just few things to note that I hope will improve to an already great widget:

    1) I know it has been stated clearly that the widget should be excluded in any task managers (I don’t use one, by the way). But I do have Titanium Backup running on a weekly basis which kills active running apps, which obviously will make SiMi Clock to stop updating. I previously use the Retro Clock Widget (http://www.appbrain.com/app/retro-clock-widget/nl.jsource.retroclock.android), which does not have this problem even when it got killed by TB — the clock will still somehow updates itself as per normal. The question is, would it be possible if you could make SiMi Clock works the same way?

    2) In my phone’s Settings > Applications > Manage applications screen, SiMi Clock appears as “gTabSiMiClock”. It’s not a big deal, but it’s nice to see apps are properly named in any list ;)

    3) In SiMi Clock’s Launcher Settings “App for tap” screen, some apps’ icons are abit larger than the rest. And they’re not sorted alphabetically. Again, not a big deal, but a nice to have to make SiMi Clock a top quality app.


  12. Ken McPherson says:

    Great App!!!

    I have both Left and Right and Tap Launcher set to open apps, but now, as a result, I have no way to get back into settings. Is there another way of getting into the settings?

    Also, is there a way to save settings so that if you delete then replace the widget, you don’t have to re-set all the settings again?

    • th says:

      No way back to settings. Sorry
      There is away to export the settings. Just press the menu key in the main setting screen. Here you can export and import the settings.

  13. Kroontje says:


    First thanks for the great widget, but one problem with the weather settings..

    When I use location aware settings the weather is not being updated. When I use fixed locations it works, but when I switch the weather is not updated.. I see the GPS icon, some data but nothing happens..

    Any idea?

    Thanks in advance!

    • th says:

      Hi where are you living ? There are problems getting the City based on location data in the netherland. I do not know why there are problems getting the location in netherlands from yahoo.
      Can you do me a favour and send me you gps longitude and latidute for a place somewhere araound you. I can the try to fix the problem with the location look up.

  14. Kroontje says:

    Hi th,

    that’s correct, The Netherlands.. :) The coördinates from the city where I work are 52.51273,5.47214


  15. Move weekday says:

    Thanks for the great job on this widget. I would like to provide an idea for users of 24 hours time notation that can save a lot of horizontally space. When AM/PM is not used the space below the hour is free. So why not move the weekday (e.g. Monday) below the hour but leave day and month below the minute. Especially with weather and battery widget turned on this could save a lot of space.

    I modified a picture to present my idea: http://www.freeimagehosting.net/uploads/67e2ae8bc3.jpg

  16. Insoo Kim says:

    Thanks for your effort for the lovely widget. I like it very much.
    From the 2.2 release, I found that the moon/sun icon in weather is not correct sometimes. It’s 10:31 in the morning and I see the moon in the widget. Can you correct this in the next release? Or inform me the setting if I did it wrongly?

  17. Federico says:

    first of all thank you very much for your excellent work!

    I have just one question: would it be possible to have the battery ring not fading but acting like a “pie-chart”, i.e. full circle for 100%, half circle for 50%, quarter for 25% and so on?

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