SiMi Clock – Where am I and why is it snowing?

Good news : Next version will include location based weather : – )

Bad news: Version will not be finished until Sunday or Monday : – (

Have fun

  1. Sebastian says:

    I love your widget. It’s by far the best looking thing I’ve seen on Android.
    As you pointed out users should say what they want to see in terms of new features.

    Here are my ideas:

    - Have the option to make the widget about 30 – 50 percent higher. I’m not sure what looks better. In my opinion the widget while looking simply great may be a little too small.
    - Have a line break between day and month like:
    4. Dezember
    - Use bigger weather icons. I think the icon as well as the font displaying the temperatures are little too small to check the weather at a quick glance.
    - Have the option to use Google’s colored weather icons.

    I know I’ve written a lot here, but I want to point out again that your widget is really great.

    Btw I’ve found something that may be interesting for you when it comes to starting the alarm clock activity directly from a click on the clock:
    Feel free to contact me with any questions. If you’re interested I could do some experimenting with starting external activities and report you my findings.

    Thanks for your widget

    • th says:

      Thanks you for your remarks.
      Some of your points are already on my todolist. e.g. different weather symbols.
      The problem with starting the alarm Clock on some devices is based on the problem that the alarm app is not a standalone app.
      On the HTC Desire you do not have an alarm clock, it is a part of the Deskclock.

      Thanks again

  2. relaxxx says:


    thank you for this update. You’re on the way to make the best widget ever :)

    Just found a little bug at location based weather. If i set aware weather always get FC

    thanks for your excellent work

  3. Casper Lund says:

    SiMi Clock is awesome, but the new location-aware option doesn’t work well for me. I’m using a Samsung i9000 Galaxy with Froyo.

    With GPS enabled the app doesn’t crash but doesn’t update forecast either. With GPS disabled the widget repeatedly throws an error (a popup box appears, but is auto-closed too fast for me to read what it says).

    Otherwise everything (manually setting the location) works great and SiMi Clock is and remains my prefered clock/weather-widget. Thanks!

    • th says:

      sorry :-( . Have you updated to 2.0.1. It fixes a bug for the Location Aware wheater.
      Under Settings / Location do you have “Use wireless networks” enabled ?

  4. Casper Lund says:

    Sorry, the latest version visible to me on Appbrain is 1.9.9. Retrieved 2.0.1 on Market and it works perfectly. Thanks a lot! :-)

  5. SiMi clock widget is probably the best clock widget I’ve seen. However, I’d like to be able to get rid of the zero-padding in front of dates (i.e., I want ‘6’ instead of ‘06’ today). Ideally, I’d like to be able to put my own strftime() formatting stuff there, so could we have a freeform field in addition to all those suggestions? Cheers.

    • th says:

      There will be a extended Date and Time setting in the future. It will be able to define the date and time as a format string. e.g. EE, dd.MM.yyyy


  6. Benjamin says:

    The 2.01 update of SiMi Clock is awesome with 15 shortcuts in 1 home screen. Imagine, if we set 3 or 5 or 7 screens. It’s a perfect match for Launcher Pro.

    I love it very much.

    But, the recent update has freezed the Weather. It doesn’t get refreshed. And when refresed too, the icon is wrong. For a sunny day, it shows Moon and Cloud :( , and weather udpate doesn’t happen.

    I do not see this widget in background running too, so that I can ensure it is not included in the automatic task killer.

    Could you please fix this to get 7 star credit.

    Thank you.

  7. sniper says:


    the weather part of SiMi Clock is sometimes using GPS. But I think network based location would be enough to locate where I am and would save a lot of battery power. So can you please make a switch or options to select which method to use ?

    Thank and good new year 2011, bye

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